With the recent rise in popularity of traditional services, Macleran’s, a long standing barber shop, has seen a sharp increase in competition. Macleran’s required an updated identity that would differentiate it from new competitors while retaining its sense of quality and history.


Superior traditional male grooming has always stood for its attention to detail. The closeness of a shave can be the differentiating factor between standing out as a man of distinction or fading into the crowd as just another ordinary guy. The positioning line: “Outer expression for the inner man” communicates this sense of refinement.

Finalist in the 2012 DesignEdge student Reggie Awards

Featured on Lovely Package design blog

Business cards

Store front


Shave-set packaging

Raw materials paired with clean modern colours and textures made for a masculine yet sophisticated appearance that pays homage to the brand’s heritage while strongly advocating its contemporary style.

A simple visual concept is played out with the Macleran’s logo shaving a smooth band through the rough textured bellyband, alluding the use of the products. Homage to the brand’s positioning of “Outer expression for the inner man” is made through keeping the exterior simple and refined while the bold colours and patterns are hidden within the interior.