Four Fox Saké

Creation of the visual identity, website and custom bottle for the ultra premium, Four Fox Saké.

The brand pays tribute to Inari Okami who, in Shinto tradition, was the patron-god of rice, saké, swordsmiths and foxes. A custom crest was designed displaying the four foxes guarding a Torii gate with snowfall overhead and rice fields at their feet.

Its chrome finish, combined with its wooden cap, is a bold take on an ancient classic.

Carter Hales Design Lab

Jeff Burgess | Illustrator

Role in project
| Brand Concept | Crest Design | Art Direction | Bottle Design | Website Design + Programming |

| Communication Arts – Webpicks | Applied Arts – Feature article | magazine – Feature article |

Visit Four Fox Website

Four Fox logo and crest
Four Fox Saké bottle during the day
Four Fox Saké bottle during the night
Kitsune statue
Four Fox website
Four Fox website
Four Fox illustration
Four Fox website homepage
Four Fox website responsive